Trophy Group sponsors lion research

Tosha van Niekerk, John Deyer, John Hyde and Robyn Gilbert with Chantelle Luther in front of the Toyota Hilux that the Trophy Group is sponsoring to be used in the KNP Lion Demographic Study for a year.


30 September 2011


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HOEDSPRUIT - The Ajubatus Foundation funds specialist research into endangered species. Their most recent project, the KNP Lion Demographic Study, is now in its 18th month. Over seven years it will look at the influence of bovine TB and other diseases, as well as other factors, on the dynamics of 22 lion prides in the park. This is believed to be the largest study of lions ever undertaken in the Kruger National Park, and possibly in Africa. According to John Dyer, founder of Ajubatus, the current theory is that the lion population is declining because the alpha males may not be able to hold on to their territories for long enough, and the females due to a shortened life span produce fewer cubs, possibly due to the influence of bovine TB. These are some of the issues which the lion study will focus their investigation on.

  The Ajubatus Foundation provides the project with key resources such as funding for scientists and vehicles. To assist, three of the companies within the Trophy Group (Toyota; Vehicle Rentals & Transfers; Travel & Tourism) have joined together to sponsor the use of a double cab Toyota Hilux for a year for the project. The vehicle was handed over to John Dyer by John Hyde from the Trophy Group on September 28.

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Helping to safeguard rhino

13 January 2012
News: On January 7 the Ajubatus Foundation launched its Rhino Collar Donation Appeal – a process through which donors can make a substantial difference in the fight against rhino poaching which has taken on unprecedented and extremely alarming levels during 2011. Through the donation programme, donors are able to commit funding directly to the acquisition of wildlife tracking units which in turn are to be fitted to wild rhino populations throughout Southern Africa.
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Rhino Revolution steps up their technology

08 December 2011 By Desire Wright
News: Rhino Revolution recently managed to ‘tick off’ the technology box in their seven point plan to save rhino in the Hoedspruit area and further afield. Patrick Jordan and Mike Lawrie from Rhino Revolution met up with the founder of the Ajubatus Foundation, John Dyer, to discuss the ways in which this leading foundation in wildlife research and technology can combine forces with Rhino Revolution in the interest of Hoedspruit’s rhino population. Ajubatus and Rhino Revolution met up as a result of networking made possible through the K2C Rhino Forum hosted by the PicknPay Sustainable Living Festival in September this year.
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Community Art Gallery now open

12 August 2011
News: On Saturday, August 6 the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) officially launched the long awaited Community Art Gallery that showcases a variety of wildlife themed works by the local artist community, expertly arranged by renowned interior designer and long time friend of Lente Roode, Gert Gertzen.
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Rescued leopard success story

01 July 2011
News: Fred Berrangé from the Leopard Conservation Project (LCP) rescued a large male leopard from a farm in Limpopo last week. He had a very tight snare around the waist, constricting the intestines. His injuries have been treated but he will remain at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre until he has made a full recovery. LCP are currently raising funds to buy a collar so that this leopard can be collared and released onto Kapama just outside Hoedspruit.
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